Dark times

So, it’s been a while since I last blogged. But, it’s 01:00. And I can’t sleep. Maybe because my sleeping pattern is screwed up (not that I had any).

These are dark times.

Life is full of tests and homework. FY is almost over. 12th is banging on the door. Things are moving at supersonic speed. There’s no time.
Manchester United is losing trophies. FIFA World Cup is taking too long to come. TV is boring. Stupid reruns of previous seasons everywhere. Those God-awful pre-election commercials are so annoying, I feel like shooting those lying SOBs.

I screwed up my computer while installing PES 14. No backup. Lost all my movies and everything. Also, I screwed up my phone’s battery by overcharging it. Great time!

Then there’s the confusion about career choice. I can’t figure out if I should prepare for studying abroad or I should go for the stupid IITs. Chances of getting in a good university abroad is more than that of  getting in IITs . But, going abroad requires resources. This is driving me crazy!

Everything seems boring. Nothing’s fun anymore. The only escape from this monotonous phase – EDM. I know these things sound depressive, but what can one do. Life is messed up.


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