Changes in the recent

In life, there are a few things which remain constant. Robert Downey Jr. being awesome, Indian politics being corrupt, Android ruling the smartphone world, etc. are some of these constants. Another constant which becomes a part of our life is ‘change’.

These changes define our lives. Change is essential. Without it, we would be more like robots. Sticking to the schedule, doing the same work, having the same thing for digestion. Oh, so dull ! Change sucks this dullness out of life.

Lately, I think my life is in the ‘mother of all changes’ mode. These months have brought some big variations in my life.

The first big change was getting 96% in SSC exams. Man ! That started something. The minute result was displayed, congratulatory calls started pouring in. People whom I don’t even know started congratulating  me ! Gifts and celebrations, sweets and cakes, everything happened. Suddenly, I was the hero in the family. It was all a bit overwhelming.

Then the second big change happened. My photo came on two local newspapers. It was not a big deal. But people didn’t seem to stop congratulating me. You know what a big deal is ? Rupee rising against US dollar ! My thing with the newspapers is not.

And then enters the ‘Mission Admission’. I didn’t know that getting into a college would be hard for me. It took physical work. Getting the documents ready, standing in the queues in the rain, travelling in a crowded local train. It was all a pain in the a*#. For getting a few things wrong, I had to waste my time and travel to the college twice than the required. Exhausting, it can be called. Finally, I got admission in Mithibai college.

Now, the biggest change is yet to happen. After four days, I will go to college. A new beginning. New friends, new opportunities, new things. From the shades of the school to the independent environment of college. Although I miss the school, I’m excited to taste the college life. Now I know how Bilbo Baggins would’ve felt when he left the Shire and said, “I’m going on an adventure.”


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