Modern family

I’m not talking here about the family in today’s world, or their role and importance here. That’s just a boring topic. If you want that, I suggest you get some therapy. I’m talking about a show that I’m hooked to these days.

“Modern Family” is an American comedy series about three related families and their awkward, but comic times. It’s one of the great comedy shows I’ve ever seen. It has received many awards and critics’ praises. It’s about the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows of a big, normal modern-time family. But is it normal really ?


The family’s a little bit different from what you imagine. There’s ‘an old, rich man married to a hot, young Colombian wife with a son’ family. Then there’s ‘two gays in a live-in relationship with an adopted Vietnamese baby’ family. And lastly there’s ‘awesome father + hysterical/insecure mother + dumb teenage daughter + intelligent/geeky daughter + dumb/innocent son’ family.  How normal are they!


There isn’t a specific plot really. It’s all about the not-so-perfect relations, the likes and resentments, the awkward moments and the togetherness of the family. This show depends on the great cast and the great writing. The writers create such comic moments that you just can’t stay put, but fall on the floor laughing.


They are the best thing in the show. It is full of them. But these are some of my personal favorites –

  • Making your wife and daughter look like prostitutes (accidentally)
  • Children walking in on their parents having sex
  • Having a complete stranger’s marriage in your house
  • Falling on a police officer and getting kicked out of college
  • Beating your father-in-law to let out all the hate
  • Choking your ex-husband’s wife in a princess-themed birthday party
  • Spraying cologne on a salesman’s face over and over
  • Kissing your hot, young mother-in-law in front of a nation-wide broadcasting camera
  • Having a homeless person living in your daughter’s toy castle
  • Punishing your son by shooting him with a toy gun
  • Lying naked in someone else’s hotel room
  • Santa punching a caroler on a Christmas night
  • Accidentally throwing your 3-4 years old daughter in a pool

And this list goes on and on.

Though this show sounds different from what we normally see in a family, it reflects everything about a family. It (hilariously) makes us understand the importance of a family, no matter how screwed up it can be. After all, a ‘normal family’ never exists. There’s always some uniqueness. The show makes me think of my family (which is pretty weird). But you know what, I’m proud of my weird, little family. And I’m proud that I watch this show.



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